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Within Childcare and Educational environments, two things are critical in the case of an emergency – a sound evacuation plan and the necessary equipment on hand to ensure everyone gets to safety. Whether a childcare centre, kinder, primary or secondary school, TAFE or university, the process of evacuating all of the staff and students on the premises presents an enormous challenge – and being fully prepared makes a huge difference.

When choosing emergency evacuation tools, it’s important to ensure the entire facility is well-stocked and that the needs of all people who may be on-site are considered. We supply an extensive range of products suitable for the educational sector, including tools to assist people with disability.

Safe Evacuation of Childcare Centres & Schools – Can Everyone Get Out?

With the holidays now over and the anticipation of the school year ahead, it’s an exciting time for kids, parents and teachers alike. With every new year, there are new challenges, and teachers have been busy planning – and this goes beyond just classes and the curriculum. Staff at all schools need to have plans in place to make sure that in the event of an emergency, everyone can get out safely.

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Showing 1–15 of 35 results