Strap n Go Childcare Emergency Evacuation Rope


Material Nylon
Length 360cm
Straps 12
Carry Bag 40cm x 32cm

234 in stock


EvacuLife’s Strap n Go childcare evacuation ropes are the perfect evacuation solution for childcare centres. The evacuation ropes have been designed with safety as its utmost priority to ensure that children and adults remain connected in an emergency.

The Velcro wrist straps allow everyone to stay together during the chaos of an evacuation, whether as a fire drill or a real-life scenario. Moreover, it ensures that young children don’t fall behind, which can become increasingly difficult in smoky or dark environments where visibility is low

In addition to being easy to attach and detach with their adjustable length Velcro straps, these EvacuLife evacuation ropes provide long-lasting durability with their heavy-duty composite material construction. These ropes are also easy to use and are kept in a bright yellow fabric bag, making them easy to store in any environment or location and ready for use at any time.

Childcare ropes are a great way to reduce the possibility of cross-infection between children. These childcare ropes allow for safe and secure evacuation procedures in unexpected emergency situations, such as a fire or bomb threat, without the need for children to hold hands with each other. This serves to limit the spread of highly contagious illnesses such as coronavirus/covid, gastro and flu while still abiding by safety protocols in an emergency situation. It is an important resource that childcare facilities can look into using to protect the health of the children in their care.

Evaculife’s nylon Strap n Go childcare evacuation ropes with wrist straps provide peace of mind by helping you prepare your childcare centre just in case of an emergency evacuation and incorporate them into your evacuation strategy. Give your facility – and your children – the protection they deserve. Make sure you have EvacuLife Strap n Go childcare evacuation ropes today!

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