Childcare Emergency Evacuation Ropes

The EvacuLife Grab n Go and Strap n Go Childcare Evacuation Ropes are the perfect solutions for times of emergencies for childcare centres. With this rope in arms’ reach, you can ensure your children are safe without worrying about cross-infection or a lack of control in evacuation scenarios. The handles can accommodate up to 12 children and teachers, so no child is left behind during an emergency.

Childcare Evacuation Ropes

Our ropes are also made from high-quality, durable nylon webbing that’s light enough for children to carry with ease and strong enough to last multiple uses. Our colourful preschool line rope will have your kids excited to pick one up and join hands in their time of need. Plus, they’re easy to clean and there is no need for children to hold hands so you can rest assured knowing they’re free from any illnesses like coronavirus, gastroenteritis or influenza.

Be prepared! Invest in the EvacuLife Grab n Go or Strap n Go Childcare Evacuation Ropes today and know the children in your care are safe even during the toughest times.

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Showing all 2 results