Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

Stairwell-Evacuation-DevicesEmergency Evacuation is a high priority for ALL people. With the ever-increasing likelihood of accidents, fires, flooding and terrorism, emergency evacuation plans need to incorporate all levels of staff abilities.

What happens with a staff member who has a disability in an emergency?
How do you assist people of differing needs to ESCAPE?
Who is responsible for assisting staff in an emergency evacuation including visitors?

Download Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan Templates 

About PEEPs

We know that with the increases in access to buildings the likelihood of having an individual with a disability in the building during an emergency evacuation is also increased.

If people with a disability can get into a building then, given appropriate planning, they will be able to get out again in an emergency.

The most important component to emergency evacuation is – to get everyone out safely.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) are customised documentations that provide the framework for the planning and provision of an emergency evacuation of people with a disability.

The people responsible for devising emergency evacuation procedures often lack sufficient information about disability conditions and issues. This is unsatisfactory as our experience has shown that with well-informed staff, carefully designed facilities, appropriate planning and ongoing support ALL staff will be catered for.