Employment Assistance Fund

Formally “Workplace Modification Scheme”

Workplace-Modification-SchemeGovernment Funding for Evacuation Chairs can be obtained through the Employment Assistance Fund

People with a disability may not need any workplace modifications or adjustments to be able to do their job.

Some people with disability may only need minor adjustments to the workplace that can be easily made and at minimal, or no cost. Others may need special equipment or modifications to the physical environment to assist them in their work.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure people with a mobility impairment can safely evacuate a building in an emergency.

The Employment Assistance Fund can provide you with financial assistance for each person with a disability, to assist you with workplace modifications. In addition to workplace adjustments, these modifications can include the lease, purchase or hire of specific equipment or aids.

The Employment Assistance Fund pays for the costs involved in modifying the workplace or purchasing special equipment for new employees with disability. It is also available to existing employees if they have a change in duties, career progression, change in disability or a new modification becomes available that would increase their productivity.