KN95 N95 P2 Masks

Coronavirus Mask KN95 N95 with Respiratory Valve 5 layer protectionAll masks  that are in stock are sent within 1-2 business days from Melbourne 

Be sure to wear a mask! Even if you are exposed to an infected person, wearing a mask may help prevent you from inhaling the virus directly from the droplets.

Viruses are transmitted between people, usually when someone is exposed to the secretions of the infected person. The transmission of the virus directly affects the transmission route. The current route of transmission of the new coronavirus is unclear, but past experience has shown that exposure to the body fluid that the infected person coughs or sprays, or shaking hands with the infected person lead to infection. If your hand touches something that the infected person has touched and then touches your own mouth, nose or eyes, it may also infect the virus.

The KN95 masks are multi-layered masks and not like the single layer dust masks that can be purchased at hardware shops. Additionally, these masks have been flown to Australia. Because there are very few international flights currently arriving, freight costs are now excessive which we have had to add to the mask price so please do not think we are not gouging. If there is sufficient demand we will look at bringing in masks via ship to reduce costs.

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Showing all 6 results