Ladders & Glass Breakers

What is an Emergency Evacuation Ladder or Glass Breaker

Emergency Evacuation Ladders
If you live or work in a multistory building if a fire or other emergency situation occurs you need more than one option to get down to the lower floor and safely evacuate. Lifts are often out of action, and should not be used during a fire, and if the stairs are blocked due to the emergency, it pays to have a backup plan.

We supply a range of emergency ladders that can be used to exit upper stories safely in the event of an evacuation. Our ladders can also be folded compactly, allowing for easy storage when not in use.

Glass Breaker

A glass breaker is an essential safety tool for your car, four-wheel drive, caravan, home or workplace. They’re designed to quickly and easily break through automotive and double-glazed glass, so in an emergency situation if you need to evacuate through a locked or jammed window, they are a potentially life-saving device.

Our glass breakers are affordable and come complete with additional safety features including a seatbelt cutter and a torch. Compact in size, glass breakers are ideal to store in your glovebox on the go, or in your emergency toolkit at home or work.

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