3 Storey Emergency Escape Rope Ladder 7.0M


  • Length: 7.0 Metres
  • Maximum Load: 150KG
  • Rungs: Non Slip Epoxy Polyester
  • Rope: FRP, Nylon
  • 32mm dia hooks
  • Brackets/ Mounts: Steel
  • Space of Rungs: 370mm
  • Weight: 4.7kg
  • Standard: CE standard EN131

Download the EvacuLife Emergency Escape Rope Ladder Brochure

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Easythrow 3 Storey Emergency Escape Rope Ladder 7.0M for Home

The 7.0m 3 Storey Emergency Escape Rope Ladder is an essential safety item for three-storey homes. It’s simple to use and set up and is designed to attach to balustrades with the hook provided. When it’s needed it can be deployed quickly. In an emergency at home stairs are often no longer accessible, and the ladder provides occupants with a safe way to escape.

The rungs are made from Non-Slip Epoxy Polyester and fixed to FRP Nylon ropes. The Emergency Evacuation Ladder is supplied with a hook and has a load capacity of 150kg. It can also be folded down or rolled up to a small size, which means it’s easy and convenient to store away when not in use.

If you live in a three-storey home, the Emergency Evacuation Ladder provides peace of mind that you can get out safely, and it’s an important addition to your home or workplace emergency toolkit.

Mounting Hooks

  • Up to 35mm X2 (provided)
  • Up 55mm X2 (available separately)


  • Easy to use and set up, with an adjustable hanger
  • Fast deployment which is vital in an emergency
  • Strong and durable with a load capacity of 150kg
  • Folds or rolls up for easy and convenient storage when not in use.

Practice, Practice, Practice

This Escape Rope Ladder can be used for practice drills. After each use, the ladder must be fully inspected prior to re assembly to ensure it has not been damaged. Should the ladder fixings or straps be damaged it must be disposed of. Do not deploy the ladder into flames