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Baby Mover Newborn Evacuation Apron

Babies in Hospital Nursery

Babies in Hospital NurseryThe Baby Mover Newborn evacuation apron is made of solid, flame-retardant material. This fabric makes our evacuation apron extra suitable for emergencies, like cases of fire or flooding. The BABY MOVER® makes hands-free evacuation of babies possible, making it especially ideal for newborn evacuation from hazardous situations within hospitals or childcare centres.

The newborn babies can be put in the pockets on the front and either side of the evacuation apron. The reinforced seams of the evacuation apron pockets do not need extra support and are made of tear-resistant material.

Carer Wearing Baby Mover Newborn Going Down StairsThe pockets’ strength, safety and security allow the person carrying the newborns to take hold of other children, open doors or make an emergency call while wearing the apron, making them convenient for emergencies, where evacuation needs to happen as quickly and safely as possible.

The three pockets can carry a weight of up to 9KG, to a total of 27KG for each evacuation apron. The apron can easily be worn; you pull it on just like a T-shirt, over the head. The Baby Mover is a professional newborn evacuation apron, which enables childcare centres, nurseries and maternity wards to safely and quickly evacuate their infants and babies.

The newborn evacuation apron is indispensable for daycare, childcare centres and maternity wards where many babies or toddlers are located.

To be prepared for all emergencies, it is critical the right equipment easily accessible by staff to cater for newborn evacuation in emergencies ensuring all babies can be saved.

Baby Mover Newborn Breathable MeshIf you’re interested in upgrading your hospital or childcare evacuation plan with the Baby Mover evacuation devices visit for our full range of baby and toddler industry-leading emergency and fire safety products.