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Baby Mover emergency rapid evacuation device for Childcare and Hospitals


Baby-Mover-Evacuating-3-Babies-and-2-ToddlersSafety is a critically important aspect of a childcare centre. The gathering of toddlers, babies and infants, in general, makes the place highly dependent in an emergency. Since infants depend on care, the need for extra help and a transparent evacuation plan is required. Safe and quick evacuation can’t be missed in hazardous situations within childcare centres, meaning a clear overview should be fully documented within a Group Emergency Evacuation Plan (GEEP) to indicate how the adults manage babies and toddlers during the rapid emergency evacuation. In this GEEP, both the actions and devices should be noted. Attention should be given to Baby Mover emergency rapid evacuation devices. The Baby Mover evacuation device is indispensable in childcare centres and hospitals. Only then can the youngest children be evacuated quickly and safely in case of an emergency.

Baby rescue rapid evacuation apron

Carer Wearing Baby Mover OutsideFor baby rescue emergency rapid evacuation, it is important to prepare a GEEP for a quick and safe evacuation. For example, an information website on fire safety will provide enough information on the directives for a safe childcare centre and evacuation plan. Quick evacuation can be realised using different devices, including the evacuation apron Baby Mover. One person can move up to five children without extra support with the Baby Mover emergency rapid evacuation device, with three babies in the apron and one toddler in each hand. This allows the person carrying the apron to have their hands free, enabling them to take other important actions and arrange things simultaneously.

Baby emergency rapid evacuation device BABY MOVER

Baby Mover Evacuation ApronThe Baby Mover emergency rapid evacuation device has three pockets, one at the front and two at the sides. Each pocket of this apron can carry a weight of up to 9kg. The aprons are made of a flame-retardant fabric and the pockets are placed on the apron with reinforced seams ensuring the apron is strong and safe for rapid evacuation. Because of the solid fabric and reinforced seams, no extra support is needed from the person carrying. This makes it possible to make emergency calls, open doors or take other children by the hand, which is convenient and necessary in emergency evacuation situations. The apron also is easy to put on, as it can be pulled over the head like a T-shirt. The Baby Mover emergency rapid evacuation device is indispensable in daycare and childcare centres, and maternity wards, as it provides for the safe rescue of babies, toddlers and infants.


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