Maintenance Agreements

When was the last time your evacuation equipment was inspected?

EvacuLife has been providing Stairway Evacuation Devices, including Evacuation ChairsStairclimbersEvacuation SledsEvacu-B and other equipment since 2008. We are the only specialist business providing emergency evacuation products and services suitable for all industries, and we specialise in equipment for children and People with disability.

To comply with occupational health and safety mandates concerning stairway evacuation equipment, EvacuLife proudly provides our clients with a comprehensive preventive maintenance agreement. This ensures that your evacuation devices, including Evacuation Chairs, Sleds, and Evacu-B, are always in optimal condition for emergencies.

Maintenance Agreements for Evacuation Equipment.

EvacuLife Elite Brake OffOur clients across all industries are increasingly requiring annual service and inspection reports to meet their compliance obligations for their evacuation equipment.

Our experienced technicians will provide inspections, service, maintenance, and repairs of your equipment onsite or at our office, with a comprehensive report on completion. We carry the spare parts for most equipment that may be required to keep your equipment operational.

Contact us for the option of a service contract for annual inspections, which is especially relevant when your equipment is under warranty. Extend the life of your equipment and your staff.

Types of Annual Inspections

Due to the size of Australia and the travel distances, we offer two forms of manual inspection.

The first is onsite; typically, these are suitable for capital cities; the second is back to  EvacuLife, where we arrange collection of the chair; we undertake the service within two business days and freight back to the client.

The EvacuLife maintenance agreements include:

  • Multi-point visual inspection
  • Original OEM parts
  • Full stairway evacuation device servicing
  • Labour for the inspection. Excl out of warranty parts replacement
  • Detailed report issued on completion.
  • No Hidden Costs.

Service Agreement Conditions

  • EvacuLife guarantees the equipment for 5 years from the date of purchase. **
  • The rubber tracks are guaranteed for 5 years, excluding wear.
  • Parts are subject to general wear and tear. The guarantee will not cover damage caused by vandalism or misuse.
  • If any major faults are found, the chair should be taken out of service, and EvacuLife should be contacted immediately on 1300 994 890.
  • Superseded models may not have all parts available

** 2 Year Warranty on Electric components and 1 Year on Batteries

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