Face Shield Adult Size – Clear Double-Sided Anti-Fog PET


  • Individually packed
  • Material: Clear double-sided anti-fog PET material
  • Size: 320 x 220 x 0.25mm
  • Sponge: 250 x 30 x 30mm
  • Flat dimensions: 330 x 220 x 30mm
  • Raw Material: Acrylic-100% Virgin PMMA Imported
  • Single gross weight: 0.055 kg

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Unisex Plastic Face Shield Adult Face Shield Anti-Smoke Saliva Dust Fog Face Protection.

The face shields provides optically clear distortion-free wrap-around protection and include a foam strip and fixing that holds the shield away from face allowing room for glasses.

The are lightweight and comfortable to wear and quick and easy to put on. The elastic band can be adjusted according to your need. The can be used for for cleaning, dusting, medical, Anti-fog Antibacterial environments or anything that it would require protection to shield your face and eyes.

This product is made of polymer material not only for disposable use, can reuse after disinfected with alcohol.