Grab n Go Childcare Emergency Evacuation Rope


Material Nylon
Length 360cm
Straps 12
Carry Bag 40cm x 32cm

217 in stock


When an emergency occurs, it’s crucial that the safety of the children and staff in a childcare centre is ensured. EvacuLife’s Grab n Go childcare evacuation ropes with Grab Loops take the pressure off during an evacuation situation – creating a safe and secure environment for all. With children often unable to stay together in chaotic conditions, these durable ropes allow each child to be linked – ensuring fast group movement when visibility is poor due to smoke, power failure or any other issues.

With an individual grab loop for each child, this solution means children can keep up as they’re guided out of danger quickly yet securely – saving on personnel who would otherwise be needed to manage individual evacuations. Lightweight and strong, these Childcare Evacuation Ropes with grab loops are a necessary addition to your emergency preparation kit – ultimately providing peace of mind that everyone will reach safety together in times of trouble.

Childcare ropes assist in reducing the risk of cross-infection between children during an evacuation, as there is no need for children to hold hands, preventing the spread of illnesses such as coronavirus, gastroenteritis or influenza, which can spread easily between children. By investing in childcare ropes, childcare organisations can provide a relatively safe environment for their attendees and protect them from infections when evacuating.

When it comes to childcare centres, safety is of the utmost importance. In an emergency, you need every tool available to quickly get your children and adults from harm’s way. That’s why we supply Childcare Evacuation Rope with Grab Loops. Even in poor visibility conditions such as smoke, this safety rope ensures that your children stay with their carers during a rapidly changing event.

The nylon evacuation rope is held by the carer and children; this way, you can be sure that no one gets left behind in the chaos of an emergency situation—putting peace of mind into action. The durable fabric also withstands repeated use, including when wet or soiled, making this a dependable solution for any childcare centre.

Choose security you can trust with the EvacuLife Grab n Go Childcare Evacuation Rope with grab loops—a professional must-have for emergency situations in any childcare setting.

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