EvacuLife Escape Evacuation Chair



Chair Open

  • Weight: 11 KG
  • Maximum Load: 160 KG
  • Width: 51 CM

Chair Folded

  • Height (folded) 106 cm
  • Length (folded) 22 cm
  • Height (deployed) 135 cm
  • Length (deployed) 88 cm

EvacuLife Escape Evacuation Chair

95 in stock (can be backordered)


For use downstairs only

The EvacuLife Escape Evacuation Chair is a lightweight single user operation emergency evacuation chair. It glides downstairs quickly and smoothly to ensure no heavy lifting or manual handling is required when an emergency evacuation such as fire, earthquake, terrorist attack or flooding and can be easily used by one operator.

The evacuation chair is used in multi-story buildings to transport people with disability, including people that are mobility impaired, asthmatic, elderly, pregnant, arthritic, suffer from angina, heart condition or has suffered a workplace injury.

The EvacuLife Escape is perfect for:

  • Healthcare and aged care
  • Schools and tertiary institutions
  • Offices
  • Sporting stadiums
  • Theatres and concert venues
  • Hotels and motels
  • Multi-level buildings
  • Industrial workplaces

During the transport process, the evacuation chair supports evacuees safely with the chest and ankle buckle restraints.

It is made from aluminium alloy and its key characteristics are being lightweight, small-sized, easy to carry, user-safe, and easy to sterilise and clean.

Use in conjunction with the Butterfly Slide Transfer Board

Slide Board between Wheelchair and Evacuation Chair Position 2

The EvacuLife Escape is the total solution for any emergency evacuation situation and has the following features:

  • Adjustable easy-grip and lightweight alloy aluminium
  • Four-wheel movability
  • Compact profile for easy storage
  • Easy evacuee transfer with supported all-round seating
  • Adjustable head restraint
  • Chest restraint
  • Single or dual operator use and
  • Includes a Wall Mount Bracket and Dust Cover

The EvacuLife Escape is the total solution for single operators in emergency evacuation situations.

Volume Pricing

Quantity Price
1-5 Chairs $1,575.00 each
6-10 Chairs $1,515.00 each
11-25 Chairs $1,425.00 each
25+ Chairs $1,375.00 each

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