Evacuation Chair Theft Alarm


Housing 3mm polycarbonate
Dimensions 136mm H x 136mm W x 50mm D
Power Source 9 VDC Alkaline
Sounder Output (at 1 metre) 95 dB – low/ 105 dB – high
Operating Cable 3mm galvanised steel
Standby Current None
Alarm Current 40 mA at 95 dB / 150 mA at 105 dB

The STI-6200-KS-CHR comes complete with everything needed for a single Evacuation Chair installation

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Product Details

This sturdy, tamper-proof, self-contained device helps prevent the theft, misuse or vandalism of evacuation chairs, fire extinguishers or other free standing equipment. Experience has shown its highly visible ‘STOP’ sign design is itself an effective deterrent.

How It Works

When installing, the steel cable is inserted into the unit, when the equipment is removed and the steel cable is pulled out, the alarm sounds. Re-inserting the cable silences the alarm and re-activates the device. An ON/OFF keyswitch can be used to silence the alarm by authorised personal.