20 Pack Emergency Fire Smoke Mask Escape Hood


Emergency Fire Smoke Mask Escape Hood Firemask

  • Effective minutes: Maximum 60 minutes with good air tightness
  • Provide protection from :
    • Carbon monoxide (CO)
    • Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
    • Toxic smoke
    • Heat radiation
  • Mist Permeability Coefficient <5%
  • Breathing resistance Inhalation:  <800pa
  • Exhalation: <300pa
  • Lifespan: 3 Years
  • Size: Adults & children 6 and over
  • Carton Size 19.5cm (L) X 13.5cm (w) x 10.5cm (H)
  • Package Weight 0.6KG

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Carton of 20 Smoke Masks & Emergency Escape Hoods

Did you know that smoke Inhalation is the number one killer in a fire situation?

Toxic smoke kills faster than fire – our smoke masks and emergency escape hoods protects you from this fate. If you can protect yourself, you can then help others.

Designed to be lightweight and adjustable the smoke masks can be used by adults and children – perfect for home, schools, universities and workplaces.

In the case of an emergency all you need to do is keep calm and kit up by placing the mask and hood over your head. Keeping calm is essential in any fire situation and by using our mask and hoods it will allow you time to be calm and exit safely.

You will also be protected from poisonous toxic fumes and as every second counts in a fire emergency this extra protection keeps you safe and will allow you to help others exit safely.

Keep you and your family, friends and colleagues safe using Evaculife emergency evacuation equipment.

Why Our Emergency Escape Hood & Smoke Masks Are Sought After:

  • Quick and easy application
  • Full protection for 60 minutes
  • Protects from fumes & smoke particulates
  • Oversized hood – great for long hair and glasses
  • Large visor for clear visibility
  • Two-point belt buckle
  • Single use only – ensures quality
  • Great protection for those with disability, pregnant women, the elderly, obese and children (6 years and over)
  • ESSENTIAL in any fire evacuation plan

How Does It Work?

The Emergency Escape Hood & Smoke Mask is fast and simple to use and can be correctly positioned within 30 seconds. It features an oversized hood that covers the entire head, and there is adequate room for long hair, facial hair and glasses. The large visor allows the user a wide and clear view and the cotton neck and adjustable two-point belt button ensures comfort and a secure fit.

The Emergency Escape Hood & Smoke Mask is designed for single use application and should not be reused. It should be protected from rain and moisture and kept in a well-ventilated place, away from sources of heat, flammables, explosives and corrosives. The emergency escape hood should not be used in environments where the oxygen density is below 17%.

EvacuLife Recommends A Sound Fire Evacuation Plan

All workplaces, schools and universities should have an evacuation plan. You can find recommended fire evacuation plans on the Safe Work Australia website.

Strata managed buildings and residential homes should have in place sound evacuation plans and have fire protection kits. Include our Smoke Masks & Emergency Escape Hoods in your plan for extra safety and protection.

Suitable for

  • Multi level buildings
  • Residential care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Schools and universities
  • Homes and workplaces
  • Bushfire prone areas

AS/NZS 1715:2009: Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment

1.5.17 Disposable respirator
A respiratory protective device for which maintenance is not intended and which is designed to be discarded after excessive resistance, sorbent exhaustion, physical damage or end of service-life renders it unsuitable for use.

1.5.42 Minimum Protection Factor (MPF)
The level of respiratory protection that an item of properly functioning respiratory protective equipment (RPE) or class of RPE would be expected to provide to properly fitted, and trained users in the workplace when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s information and instruction. The MPF takes into account all expected sources of facepiece penetration (e.g. face seal protection, valve leakage). Smoke mask
(a) Description
The smoke mask is RPE intended to be used only for a short time, e.g. escape from fires. It is not intended as a substitute or replacement for SCBA apparatus or for routine use by workers. This RPE provides protection against particulates, such as dust or smoke, and low concentrations of carbon monoxide. Additional protection is
provided against other gases commonly encountered in building fires. The smoke mask may be built into a simple hood made of impervious flame-retardant material.

(b) Limitations
Smoke masks should only be used where the foreseeable contaminant concentrations and exposure time during escape will be within the capacity of the filter to protect the user.

The filtering elements are particularly sensitive to damage by exposure to moisture and shall be kept sealed until use. Regular inspection is required to ensure that the RPE is still sealed and has not been affected by moisture. During use the temperature of the inhaled air increases and can become uncomfortably hot.

(c) Performance
No MPF has been set for this RPE.

Volume Pricing

  • 3 Cartons of 20 $2,400 ($40 each)
  • 5 cartons of 20  $4,000 ($40 each)
  • 10 cartons of 20 $8,000 ($40 each)