Butterfly Slide Transfer Board


Material HDPE
Color Blue
Weight 1.4 KG
Size 75.5 x 32.3 x 1cm
Place of Origin Taiwan
Feature Designed for wheelchair users. Its special curved design works well around the arms of a wheelchair.
Lightweight and easy to care.
Unique double-wings shape specifically crafted for transfers between wheelchairs to other surfaces or item.
2-sided anti-slip pads providing stability during transfer.
Warranty 5 years


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Assists with transferring between
Wheelchair and Evacuation Chair
Bed and Evacuation Chair

The EvacuLife EZ-510 Butterfly Transfer Board is a long, wide, and stable transfer board with a smooth top surface and special cut-outs for wheelchair and evacuation chair positioning. The HDPE Butterfly board is ideal for bridging small gaps during seated transfers. Equipped with non-slip pads on the underside that prevent the board from sliding out of place, the board allows for good positioning during transfers.

The unique double-wing shape makes transfer easier and works well around wheelchair arms and is lightweight and easy to carry.  The anti-slip pads at the bottom provide stability during transfer.