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Disabled Can’t Get Down Low and Go Go Go

Help Me, I Can’t Breathe

Person in wheelchair trapped in smoke filled stairEmergency Smoke Masks & Hoods are inexpensive, simple to use and should be an essential item in everyone’s fire safety toolkit and especially those who have a mobility impairment or who cant safely evacuate independently such as the disabled and elderly.

From the time we were children, fire safety messages have been taught to us in the hope that if the worst was to happen and we are caught in an emergency situation, we’ll know what to do. Over time, some messages have changed, but one in particular is still as relevant as ever: if you are caught in a fire, “Get down low and go, go, go!”

This message is drummed into us as an important safety measure if we are caught in a fire. Smoke rises, so the safest place to be is as close to the ground as possible. But what if you can’t get down low? For people who have a disability and are mobility impaired it may not be possible. So what are the options are available for them whilst awaiting rescue?

The Challenges

Building tower on fireIf a fire breaks out and an emergency evacuation is required, in most cases a fire plan will come into play to help everyone get out safely. When exiting a building filled with smoke – be it residential, educational, commercial, health or otherwise – all people on site are told to stay close to the ground on their way to the exit.

Thankfully there are some safety devices that can be of great comfort and assistance in a crisis.

 Evacuation Plans

Family sitting around a table planning an emergency evacuation planRemember… Evacuation Plans Must Include Everyone
Speaking of evacuation plans, when you are designing one for your home or workplace, make sure it includes additional safety measures for those who may have restricted mobility and will require assistance.

Your plan must be clear on how everybody will exit, including those that will need help. By having the right safety tools on hand (such as Fire Masks and Evacuation Chairs) and ensuring that staff and residents are fully trained in how to use them, you reduce the risk of an emergency evacuation becoming a frightening and possibly deadly situation, and greatly improve the chance of every single person within the premises getting out safely.

Smoke Masks And Emergency Escape Hoods

One small but life-saving device is a Smoke Mask and Emergency Escape Hood. These are designed for single use by a person caught in smoke or toxic fumes, and they provide the user effective protection from smoke and toxic fumes for 60 minutes. This extra time is invaluable to someone whose escape is slowed down due to mobility impairment, and to those who are assisting them.

Stair Climber Evacuation Chairs

For those who live, work or visit multi level buildings, lifts provide a fast and effective way to travel between floors. But in the event of a fire in the building, lifts are no longer accessible – meaning the only way or up and down is by using the stairs.

For many people this is not a problem, but if you are elderly or reliant on a wheelchair to get around, it is a big problem. There is a solution – Motorised Stair Climber Chairs. They offer a fast, safe and dignified way to help those with limited mobility get up and down stairs in an emergency.

Many organisations around the world are now choosing to purchase these for their multi level buildings and are including them as part of their emergency evacuation plans.

Emergency Smoke Masks

Person wearing an emergency smoke maskAn Emergency Escape Hood & Smoke Mask is a device that is worn over the head in the event of an emergency, to protect individuals from toxic smoke and fumes. With effective use for a duration of 60 minutes, it will protect your airways and allow you to breathe air that is free of smoke and toxins while you exit from the danger.

This protection can also allow you to assist others who need assistance during an emergency, such as those with mobility limitations. While wearing the Emergency Escape Hood & Smoke Mask, you can help others exit during an emergency evacuation, if it is safe to do so, without the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.

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