Fire Resistant Document Bag X10


Fire Resistant Document Bag × 10


  • Height: 38cm
  • Width: 27.5cm
  • Fixing: Velcro
  • Material: Glass Fibre

100% Asbestos Free
NOTE Glass fibre can cause itching. Refer instructions below.

1280 in stock (can be backordered)

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The EvacuLife Fire Resistant Document Bag helps keep your documents safe in the event of a fire. It is made from a fire-resistant material that is designed to keep your valuables and documents safe such as passports, birth certificates, loan documents and the like.


To be fire-resistant this bag is made of glass fibre and can shed fine splinters and cause itching if the following steps are not taken.

  1. The bag is supplied with a pair of disposable gloves that we strongly recommend are worn when using the bag.
  2. Packing of documents should be done over a surface that can be easily wiped down and not over clothes.
  3. Once documents are packed in the bag we suggest placing the document bag in a freezer bag of similar size prior to storing.