Evacu B Baby Evacuation System


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  • The Evacu B is American FDA Approved
  • Made in Canada


  • Capacity: 6 infants
  • Weight: 11.8kg
  • Weight limit (overall): 38.1kg
  • Weight limit (per pocket): 6.35kg
  • Height 150 cm
  • Width  60 cm
  • Depth 30cm
  • Materials:
    • Mildew & fire-retardant
    • Velcro straps
    • Hypo-allergenic headrests
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Available on back-order


Baby Evacuation Device for Hospitals and Childcare

The Evacu B Baby Evacuation Device is a revolutionary device for the fast, safe and simple evacuation of up to six babies at once in an emergency situation. Featuring six mildew- and fire-retardant pockets with tear-away walls and securing cross-straps, it’s the only device that allows one nurse to evacuate six babies. Unlike traditional baby evacuation devices, the Evacu B latches firmly onto stairs with a purpose-built track system to ensure a controlled, safe descent without bouncing, and the babies can stay safe and secure in the device once outside. With an automatic braking system that can support a fully-loaded Evacu B, even on stairs, nurses can stop to clear debris if required.

Evacu_B-Emergency-Baby-Evacuation-in-HospitalQuick and easy to deploy, the Evacu B also features an O2 cylinder cradle where a six-way oxygen supply manifold can be attached and fed through to each pocket in the event of low air quality. Front castors enable easy manoeuvring on stair landings, while medical-grade hypoallergenic headrests ensure the babies are comfortable and safe from irritants. The Evacu B is wall-mountable and comes with a dust cover for convenient and clean storage. Cleaning is easy with drainage holes from each pocket.

The Evacu B is a complete solution for hospitals, specialist baby care units and childcare centres seeking to ensure the highest level of safety for babies in an evacuation.


  • Cradle with thumbscrew underneath to hold one E2 oxygen cylinder.
  • Dust cover included.
  • Online access to instructional video training for EVACU B and more (password required).

Wall bracket including English instructions mounted 155cm above finished floor level to the underside of the bracket (this permits a 2.5cm clearance underneath wheels for cleaning).

Key benefits of the Evacu B Baby Evacuation System

  • Double to triple the carrying capacity of traditional infant evacuation devices, meaning more babies can be evacuated to safety, faster
  • An automatic braking system allows pausing on stairs to clear debris – even if the nurse or carer trips, the babies are safe
  • Babies can be safely left in the Evacu B once delivered to safety during a childcare centre or hospital evacuation
  • Made from high quality, hypo-allergenic, mildew- and fire-retardant materials
  • Oxygen tank cradle and openings in each pocket for oxygen supply to prevent smoke inhalation in a fire emergency
  • Comes with instructional video training


The Evacu B is suitable for use in buildings as follows:

  • Hospitals
    • Nurseries
    • Specialist Baby Care Units (SBCUs)
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)
  • Childcare Centres


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