EvacuB NICU Timed Evacuation

The Evacu B Baby Evacuation Device is a revolutionary device for the fast, safe and simple evacuation of up to six babies at once in an emergency. Featuring six mildew- and fire-retardant pockets with tear-away walls and securing cross-straps, it’s the only device that allows one nurse to evacuate six babies. Unlike traditional baby evacuation devices, the Evacu B latches firmly onto stairs with a purpose-built track system to ensure a controlled, safe descent without bouncing, and the babies can stay safe and secure in the device once outside. With an automatic braking system that can support a fully-loaded Evacu B, even on stairs, nurses can stop to clear debris if required.

The Evacu B is a complete solution for hospitals, including Specialist Baby Care Units (SBCUs) and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) that are seeking to ensure the highest level of safety for babies in an evacuation.

This system provides a way for a single nurse to evacuate six NICU babies during emergency situations like the one that took place in NY during Hurricane Sandy. This video demonstrates that all six babies could be placed in the unit and safely taken down eight flights of stairs in under five minutes.

  • 0:00 Start Timed Demonstration of Baby evacuation chair
  • 0:19 Evacuation Alarm Sounds
  • 0:29 Nurse removes Evacu-B from wall mount
  • 0:57 Clock starts – Enters NICU Unit – Places babies into Evacu-B evacuation chair
  • 1:58 Departs room with babies
  • 2:15 Descends stairs with babies – 8th floor
  • 3:50 Removes obstacle from 6th floor stairwell
  • 5:47 Arrives at main floor – Exits hospital building

Life-Saving Baby Evacuation Device Arrives at Melbourne Hospital

EvacuB FrontThe innovative Evacu B Baby Evacuation Device, the only device that makes it possible for one nurse to quickly and safely evacuate six babies, is now located in the Newborn Services department at the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s facility at Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne. Emergency equipment provider EvacuLife recently delivered five of the life-saving Evacu B units to the busy Victorian hospital, allowing the pediatric unit to provide the highest level of safety for the babies in their care in the case of an emergency evacuation.

The revolutionary EvacuB Baby Evacuation Device features six fire-retardant pockets with tear-away walls and cross straps, allowing a nurse to secure six babies quickly. Unlike traditional baby evacuation devices, it latches firmly onto stairs. The purpose-built track system and automatic brake provide a controlled descent with no bouncing, so babies are secure and safe as they exit the building.

With over 6500 births annually, the Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s facility is the largest provider of newborn services in the Western Suburbs. As one of five Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Victoria, the addition of five Evacu B Baby Evacuation Devices provides nurses and the babies in their care a fast, safe and effective way to evacuate in an emergency situation.

EvacuLife Australia supplies emergency evacuation equipment for health and aged care services, childcare and education facilities, hospitality venues, workplaces, residential homes and vehicles. Their mission is to help Australians of all ages and abilities be prepared and stay safe in an emergency.