What is an Evacuation Chair?

An Evacuation Chair or Escape Chair is used to evacuate non-ambulatory people in an emergency when lifts cannot be used. This includes people with temporary or permanent disability, pregnant woman, the obese or someone that is post-operative to such a degree that the person is unable to move from place to place without the aid of a mobility device. The evacuation chair is foldable and easily deployed and will have wheels and rubber belted tracks to aid in a control decent down stair quickly and safely. For evacuations that require going upstairs such as from a basement, there are chairsRead More

How do I evacuate disabled staff when lifts cannot be used?

Install a powered stair climber that can help make sure that people with limited mobility are able to get up and down stairs properly. Stair climbers aren’t just beneficial for people who have difficulty getting around. They also help emergency responders who report to the scene when a lift breaks and people have to be moved within a building. More information

How do I get disabled people down stairs in an emergency?

We believe that the use of evacuation chairs can help meet the needs of occupants with mobility disabilities when correctly implemented, but consideration for their use must extend to the need for appropriate training, inclusion of their use into emergency plans, evacuation drills and maintenance & inspection programs. More information