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An Evacuation Device For Stadiums, Theatres And Concert Venues

Besides tending to the incidents that can happen on the field or track itself, they also have to make sure that those in attendance are safe. With popular sporting events often drawing crowds that number well into six figures in stadiums that are large and spread out, EMTs and paramedics often have a very challenging job.

In a stadium, arena, concert venue or theatre, getting to people in the crowd who have medical problems and then evacuating them from the venue requires lots of steps.

That’s where the EvacuLife Power comes in.

The EvacuLife Power, with its standard track system, makes it easierRead More

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Lift Breakdowns: Why Powered Evacuation Chairs Are Critical During Lift Failures

They’re supposed to be an essential technology that helps us get where we need to go more quickly. But when something goes wrong with a lift, it can cause confusion, fear, and even danger if there is no backup solution in place. Lifts

Lifts break downs are serious issues. Even if no one gets stuck in the lift itself, when a lift isn’t working it can prevent people from getting to places they want to go, which can lead to much frustration and negative feelings.

Why Lift Break Downs Cause Problems For most people a lift

For most people aRead More