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SDA Consulting and EvacuLife are part of the Equal Access Group Pty Ltd. To simplify transactions, SDA Consulting uses the EvacuLife eCommerce portal.

Why Do We Charge?
SDA Consulting is not a not-for profit- business, we are a professional consultancy not unlike accountants or lawyers that rely on charging for consulting services to remain a viable business and continue to employ staff. It is not unusual for us to get 10-15 inquiries a week, each requesting we explain the intricacies of SDA, which takes anywhere between 30-60 minutes.  This is not sustainable as a free service, and like any other consultancy business that provides expert advice, we need to charge for the service.

Purchase services from SDA Consulting for Specialist Disability Accommodation including:

  • 1 on 1 consultation by:
    • Phone,
    • Zoom Conferencing
    • In-person at our office
  • Attendance at our seminar/ workshops (coming soon)
  • Access our online training (coming soon)

Booking an SDA Design Consultation

Things we can cover:

  • Designing an SDA dwelling
  • Overview of the SDA Design Requirements in detail
  • Process of obtaining Design and As-Built Certification
  • Differences between design categories
  • Current requirements which incorporate Liveable Housing Australia levels vs the new SDA Design Standard
  • The transition between current and new requirements
  • Converting an existing dwelling into SDA
  • Site considerations
  • Density requirements

Areas we cannot assist:

  • Pricing and payments in detail
  • Feasibility studies for large developments
  • Investment opportunities and risk assessments
  • Specific Council requirements
  • Construction costs and budgets
  • How proposed works to existing dwellings may trigger legislative requirements that are outside of NDIS requirements such as Building and Planning

If you wish to speak with one of our Specialist SDA consultants via phone, Zoom, or in-person at our office, please click on the appropriate option below. All amounts include GST

Simply purchase the type of consultation you require and our admin team will be in contact with you within one business day to organise an appointment. Appointments are typically made within 3 workdays from the time of booking and dependant on consultant availability.

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Showing all 7 results