What is a PEEP or Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan?

A Personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEP) IS an individual emergency plan designed for those occupants with disability or elderly and provide emergency responses, diagrams and steps for safe evacuation. We know that with the increases in access to buildings the likelihood of having an individual with a disability in the building during an emergency evacuation is also increased. If people with a disability can get into a building then, given appropriate planning, they will be able to get out again in an emergency. The most important component to emergency evacuation is – to get everyone out safely. Download Personal EmergencyRead More

How do I evacuate a disabled person from my building?

All buildings must develop, implement and adopt emergency plans to ensure a safe environment for employees, residents and visitors. Where a person might have difficulty negotiating an exit route (i.e. using a fire stairs), each building must implement some management controls to provide for people with disability. More information

What things should be considered when evacuating a school in an emergency

An evacuation in a school is particularly challenging – that’s why having an emergency evacuation plan that caters for everyone – including those with mobility limitations – is essential. Here, we’ll discuss some of the unique challenges schools face in getting everyone out safely, and provide some tips to help you overcome them. More information

Where can I get advice about my legal obligations to provide a safe workplace for my staff?

The new WHS legislation requires that the PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) demonstrates due diligence. That being said, they must firstly have assessed the risks and identify any foreseeable hazards, then utilising the Hierarchy of control they must implement control measures. This specifically states the obligation to plan for all emergencies and provide training and practice that is appropriate to the nature of the risks associated with the work In short we are obliged to take into a count the risk to everyone including people with disability within a work place and to ensure they can get outRead More

Which essential items will help make my workplace evacuation plan accessible to all – including people with disability?

Providing your employees with a safe workplace is not just common sense but also a legal requirement, and an important aspect of this is being prepared for an emergency. Many business owners are unaware of the huge range of emergency equipment available and how much having the right products on hand when you need them can improve the chances of getting everyone to safety. More information

Which essential items should I keep in my car in case of an emergency?

When you’re travelling and out and about in the car, there are many emergency situations that you may encounter while on the road. For peace of mind, it pays to have your car stocked with a few essential items. A Car & Travel First Aid Kit, Emergency Smoke Mask & Escape Hood, glass breaker and a torch. More information

Why do I need an emergency evacuation plan for my workplace?

Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone in their workplace, especially during emergencies such as a fire. This includes employees, contractors, visitors and customers. It is important to be prepared to ensure everyone can evacuate quickly and safely. As people with disability are more vulnerable during an evacuation additional planning to get them out in an emergency is required. More information