PSA Smoke, Heat Alarm Isolation Relay for use with Alarms



  • Suitable for connection to auxiliary devices, security alarm panels and fire indication panels.
  • Operates in absence of mains voltage and only when smoke alarm is in alarm state.
  • Relay switched from signal voltage (9V output) from smoke alarm.
  • 240V AC / 30V DC 10Amp contact rating
  • Normally Open and Normally Close contact options
  • 24V DC input to trigger 4th terminal smoke alarms as part of an early warning system

Compatible with PSA’s complete range of smoke alarms, heat alarms and strobe lights.

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The RK10A/9 Smoke Alarm Isolation Relay is a device designed to provide compatible 240VAC Smoke and Heat Alarms with a set of Normally Closed (NC) and Normally Open (NO) change over contacts. This permits the Smoke Alarm to trigger auxiliary devices such as strobe lights, sirens, bells, burglar and fire alarm panels, activate emergency lights, shutting down air conditioners or releasing magnetic door holders.

The RK10A/9 will operate in the absence of mains power and only operates when the smoke alarm is in alarm state.

The RK10A/9 Isolation relay has an additional feature of receiving a 24Vdc power signal from a fire panel or external device, activate the 24Vdc relay and close the contacts between 9V and switch-line (S) to trigger smoke alarm with fourth terminal. This feature allows the smoke alarm to be triggered by the fire panel to initiate an early warning alarm.

Note that when used with an output from the smoke alarm this device is intended and designed only for use with the following smoke alarms and devices;


WARNING: Use with other smoke alarms may damage this device and the smoke alarm(s) and could create a definite shock risk and would not be covered by any warranty.

Technical Details

  • Operating Coil Voltage: 6V – 10V DC
  • Secondary Contacts: Normally Open/ Normally Closed/ (change-over contacts)
  • Secondary Contact Rating: 240V AC 50Hz @ 10Amps/ 30V DC @ 10Amps
  • Contact Switching Time Delay: 8 seconds once activated
  • Maximum No. of interconnected smoke alarms to a single RK10A/9 unit : 24
  • Operating Temperature: 0° – 50°C
  • Dimensions: 89mm Deep x 68mm Wide x 45mm High

Wiring Details