Self-Priming Filter Gas Mask Excludes Cartridge


Collocations Single filter element
Material Face screen: PC
Mouth and mouth mask: TPE
Face mask: TPE
Frame: ABS plastic
Head net / headband: high elastic nylon
Weight (excluding filter parts) 512g
Interfaces Threaded interface RD40
Inspiratory resistance 38Pa
Air valve resistance 59Pa
The total field of vision 80%
Binocular vision 60%
Below the horizon 36°
Lens transmittance ≥90%
Leak rate of closed mask 0.02%

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Excludes Cartridges

The mask provides full face, nose, jaw and skin protection in environments with high levels of gas and corrosion. Classic column face-screen design and suitable for wearing under hard hats and over protective eyewear.

The mask is light and comfortable to use. Face screen is made from PC material (polycarbonate), is impact resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, scratch-proof and has an anti-fogging coating.

The mask has a low breathing resistance design making it easy to breathe, provides good anti-virus performance and is a moderately priced product providing extremely high-cost performance.

The speech vibration film ensures speech is not impeded.

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