Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with MUTE Lifesaver 9V LIFPE9M



  • Photoelectric sensor suitable for slow smouldering fires
  • Insect screen protection over sensor
  • Slim-line compact size
  • Red led light for alarm indication and testing
  • Mute & alarm test button (LIFPE9M)
  • Alarm test button (LIFPE9/1)
  • Low battery warning signal
  • Mounting screws supplied
  • Anti-tamper locking feature
  • Easy twist on twist off installation
  • Complies & Approved to Australian Standard AS3786
  • Loud 85db alarm

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The LIFPE9M Photoelectric 9 Volt battery operated smoke alarm is sensitive to smouldering fires and includes an Insect screen protection over sensor. The detector comes in a slim-line compact size and includes an anti-tamper locking feature. It also features a large Hush Button allowing for easy silencing of nuisance alarms.

Technical Details

Power Source9V Battery
Battery TypeEveready 1222
Energizer 522
Gold Peak 1604S
Duracell MN 1604
Ultralife U9VL
Operating Temp.0°C to 45°C
Ambient Humidity85dB at 3 metres
End of life IndicationSounds a chirp at 30-40 second intervals, in addition to red LED indicator flashing
Alarm Duration10%-90%
Alarm Sound Level85 Decibels at 3 metres
Battery Life1 year minimum
Tested & Passed toAS3786-1993
Detection MethodPhotoelectric sensor
Low battery indicationChirps when battery needs replacing
Alarm durationAs long as smoke is present, resets when smoke clears
Mute modeWhen in Mute mode, the unit is desensitized for 10 minutes
Mute indicationRed LED flash every 30 seconds for 10 minutes, then resets
Dimension103mm diameter x 40mm high
Warranty2 year warranty with proof of purchase