PSA Lifesaver Mini Smoke Alarm LIFPE10 (No Wiring)



  • Australian Standard: AS3786:2014 & EN14604 approved
  • Compliance: ActivFire Listed
  • Power Source: 10 Year Sealed Lithium Battery
  • Technology: Photoelectric
  • Dimensions: 70mm Dia x 33mm High
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty

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Introducing our smallest battery operated smoke alarm in the PSA Lifesaver range.

No Wiring and no chenging of batteries required for 10 years.

The Lifesaver model LIFPE10 mini smoke alarm. Measuring only 70mm in diameter and 33mm high, this modern smoke alarm is aesthetically pleasing without compromising on safety. The LIFPE10 is powered by a non-replaceable sealed 10 year lithium battery.

Peace of mind protection and never need to change the battery.

Photoelectric design to detect the widest range of fires, it does not contain any radioactive element.

The LIFPE10 is made from quality stainless steel casing and a metal net to protect against small insects from activating the smoke alarm. This smoke alarm comes with a convenient easy to use Test and Hush function. Pressing Test will test the function of the smoke alarm. Pressing Hush will desensitise the smoke alarm to nuisance alarm for 10 minutes.

A red LED indicator and audible beep for status. A loud 85dB alarm at 3m will ensure occupants are alerted of a fire. A smart low battery pause feature will hush low battery beeping for 10 hours allowing you to change the smoke alarm the next day.

  • 70mm Dia x 33mm High
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
  • 10 Year Sealed Lithium Battery
  • Quality built metal casing and netting
  • Easy to install mounting ring
  • Large & Simple to use Test & Hush button
  • Hush mode to desensitise alarm for 10 minutes
  • Status LED indication
  • Loud 85DBA alarm at 3m ISO8201 Signal Pattern
  • Low battery 10 hour hush mode
  • Not suitable for wall or vertical mounting
  • Includes screws, plugs and adhesive sticker
  • EN14604 Approved
  • AS3786:2014 Approved.  ActivFire listed.

The LIFPE10 comes complete with mounting screws and plugs. And for additional convenience a double sided sticker.Remove product image

The PSA Lifesaver LIFPE10 is Tested and Complies to the latest Australian Standard AS3786:2014.