Garaventa Evacu-Trac

Chair Open

  • Weight: 21 KG
  • Maximum Load: 136KG

Chair Operating

  • Length: 131cm
  • Width: 42cm
  • Height: 81cm

Chair Folded

  • Length: 110cm
  • Width: 42cm
  • Height: 27cm


During an emergency, the passenger is transferred from their wheelchair to the Evacu-Trac Evacuation Chair. Once positioned in the Evacu-Trac, velcro straps are wrapped securely around the passenger’s torso and lower legs. The passenger is then wheeled to the stairway for descent.

The evacuation chairs are used to move people with a disability or injury down stairways quickly and safely during an emergency. Evacu-Trac’s patented speed governor and braking system allow a small attendant to easily evacuate a larger passenger.

The Evacu-Trac evacuation chair is normally kept in a storage cabinet located near the upper stair landing, ready for use in an emergency situation.

The Evacu-Trac brake is normally on. To descend the stairs, release the brake by slowly squeezing the brake lever. Descent speed can be slowed by reducing pressure on this lever. A governor limits the maximum descent speed to about 3′ per second, allowing even a small attendant to safely transport heavier riders.

The EvacuLife Escape is the total solution for single operators in emergency evacuation situations.

Suitable for

  • Multi-level buildings
  • Residential care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial workplaces
  • Schools and universities
  • Homes and workplaces
  • Theatres and cinemas

Education Guides

Garaventa Evacu-Trac Cabinet

Protect your Evacu-Trac, as you would any other important life-safety equipment, by storing it in a steel storage cabinet located near the top of the stairway. Designed to hold a single Evacu-Trac, the storage cabinet includes graphics clearly identifying the contents and a quick-release strap for removal of Evacu-Trac during an emergency.



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