Ferno Carry Chair 2041 (narrow)


Width: 40cm
Weight: 12 KG
Maximum Load 160 KG
Length Open 126 cm
Length Folded 81cm
Width 38cm
Height Open 91cm
Height Folded 20cm

Available on backorder


The Ferno Compact Carry Chair 2041 (narrow) is simple, effective and lightweight for use in the ambulance and pre-hospital environments. These chairs are designed to assist in moving patients from wherever they are found. They fold to a compact size for convenient handling and storage.

The chairs have been developed taking into consideration designs which assist with comfort and ease of use for both patient and attendant. The chairs offer support for the patient’s shoulders and feet while providing comfortable foot and head-end hand grips to enhance comfort and stability for the attendant. Each model is supplied standard with chest and ankle restraints. An optional storage / carry case is available.


FWE 2040 supplied with 1 x 50 mm plastic buckle chest restraint and 1 x 25 mm plastic buckle ankle restraint.