Carbon Monoxide Filter Cartridge for Self-Priming Filter Mask


Antivirus type: single antivirus
Protection objects: Main protective Carbon Monoxide CO

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Product features: Main protection: Carbon Monoxide.

Recommendation: Coking environments. ironmaking, forging, casting and heat treatment in metallurgical industries. Production of synthetic ammonia, acetone, photo gas and methanol in chemical industries, carbon graphite electrode manufacturing, internal combustion engine testing and other carbon monoxide gas producing environments.

Directions for use

For health and safety, before using gas masks and filters, please read the following:

  1. Cartridges can only be used for respiratory protection against the type of gas specified.
  2. Cartridges apply to air oxygen content of less than 19.5% (V/V) and temperature range of minus 30 ℃ to 45 ℃. Use professional instruments to detect the type of gas, oxygen content and other parameters before entering the contaminated zone.  If any parameter value is outside the ranges provided or the pollutant cannot be identified, an isolation type respirator must be used such as a pressurised air breathing apparatus or other isolating respirators.
  3. Failing to follow instructions or exposure to air pollutants without wearing a mask with the correct cartridge reduces the masks protective effects and can cause illness or death. All care should be taken to avoid environments where the concentration of harmful substances can threaten life. Please read operating instruction carefully or contact EvacuLife on 1300 669 730

Precautions for use

  1. It is recommended an ‘Emergency Plan’ be developed which includes respiratory protection considerations and the safe and correct use of Masks and Cartridges.  It is recommended that enough masks and cartridges be available to all building inhabitants.
  2. Ensure facial hair, hair or other factors do not affect the sealing between face and gas mask seal pad. For a simple self-sealing method, please refer to the Instructions Manual.
  3. Masks and Cartridges should not be modified, tampered with or misused in any way. The use by date is 5 years from manufacture.
  4. If you smell suspect odours, feel dizziness, headache, irritation or any other discomfort, place a mask over your face and leave the area immediately.
  5. When not in use, the mask and cartridges should be stored in a clean and pollution-free environment and the cartridge seal kept intact.
  6. When wearing the mask, ensure the air inlet lid of the filter tank is in the open position and remain breathing as normal. Failure to open the inlet may cause suffocation.
  7. A replacement schedule for the cartridges should be kept. Check the cartridges regularly for changes in appearance, smell or use by date.  If in doubt, dispose of and reorder.
  8. In the event of an emergency of toxic gas or environmental emergency rescue operations, it is recommended 2 or more people be on hand to assist. If a person displays signs of poisoning (convulsions, shaking, vomiting, fainting), check for immediate danger and if safe to approach, place mask over person affected and call 000.  Look out for fire, explosions, strong acid, gas, liquid leakage, falling objects, etc.
  9. Once cartridge is connected to mask, take a deep breath to draw clean air into the mask.
  10. If the wearer believes the filter is not working or if the seal around the face is not effective, (can still smell or taste the protective gas, feel dizziness, headache, irritation and other discomfort) leave the danger zone immediately.
  11. If it is necessary to re-enter the hazardous area, check whether the correct cartridge is being used for that environment, if not, the filter may need to be changed to a suitable cartridge.  The filter that has now been replaced should have the connecting part destroyed and safely disposed of to ensure it is not used again.

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