10 Year Smoke Alarm with Wireless Base No Hardwire LIF10YPEW



  • Lithium (non-replaceable sealed in) battery operated smoke alarm
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Designed with 2 bug screens. One around the perimeter and another smaller mesh around the sensor chamber.
  • Single button operation (Test and Hush feature)
  • Surface mounting bracket for easy installation
  • Stand alone operation or wireless interconnect up to 24 units
  • Tamper resistant feature
  • Hush feature to silence nuisance alarms
  • Locate function to determine initiating smoke alarm
  • Monitored wireless network
  • Compatible with PSA LIFESAVER LIF5800/2  and LIF5800RL/2 mains powered smoke alarms fitted with LIFWMB2 wireless base plate
  • Range 30m indoors. 100m line of sight

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The LIF10YPEW uses photoelectric technology and is powered by a non-replaceable sealed 10 year lithium battery. The PSA LIFESAVER LIF10YPEW smoke alarm has a built in RF wireless interlink control and can interconnect up to 24 units.

When one RF interlinked unit sounds an alarm, all other units in the same RF interlink network will alarm.

Tested & Complies to the latest AS3786:2014 standard.

Meets Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

The smoke alarm complies with the requirements mandated by the Queensland Government for interconnected smoke alarms. Please read the following Blog Queensland Smoke Alarm Law Change

Queensland Smoke Alarm Law Change

Technical Details

Detection MethodPhotoelectric / Photo-optical sensing technology
OperationStand-alone or wirelessly interconnect up to 24 units
Smoke Alarm PowerPanasonic/FDK 10 year
3VDC CR17335 fixed battery
RF PowerPanasonic/FDK 10 year
3VDC CR17455 fixed battery
Alarm sound85dB at 3m ISO8201 T3 sound pattern
Hush Function10 minutes.
Red LED flash every 10 seconds.
RF Frequency918MHz
Wireless RF
Module Power
100m line of sight
30m indoors
Temperature Range0˚C to 45˚C
Alarm durationAs long as smoke is present, unit automatically resets when smoke clears
InterconnectStand alone or wirelessly interconnects up to 24 units
Humidity RangeUp to 95% relative humidity (RH)
Size115mm Wide x 45mm High
Bug ScreensOuter metal screen 1.8mm diameter
Inner sensor chamber screen 1mm diameter.
Warranty10 years – manufacturer’s warranty
ComplianceActivfire Approved and listed
to AS3786:2014 Amdt 1.
Manufactured to ISO9001 Standard