How can my children be safe in a fire?

By including emergency escape hoods as part of your fire evacuation plan you can help prevent injury and save lives. Designed to be lightweight and adjustable the smoke masks can be used by adults and children. More information

How can children escape a fire at home?

Smoke alarms are an important first step in fire safety, but when you back them up with a clear and well-rehearsed fire escape plan, you give your family the best chance of escape. Making a plan and ensuring your home is well prepared for a house fire doesn’t take much time or effort, and it can be the difference between life and death. More information

What types of emergency ladders are available?

We have two types of Emergency Evacuation Ladders. The Emergency Escape Evacuation Ladder and the Emergency Escape Rope Ladder. Both come in two storey and three storey. Easythro Emergency Escape Evacuation Ladder: Made from aluminium alloy with a “V” centre support, the Emergency Evacuation Ladder has an adjustable hanger and a load capacity of 450kg. It can also be folded down to a small size, which means it’s easy and convenient to store away when not in use. Emergency Escape Rope Ladder: designed to attach to balustrades with the hook provided. The rungs are made from Non-Slip Epoxy Polyester andRead More

Where should I install smoke alarms

In your home, smoke alarms should be placed between each bedroom area and the rest of the house, and if you have a two-storey home, they must be located on all levels. Plus, if anyone sleeps with their door shut, you should install a smoke alarm inside the bedroom too. Photoelectric smoke alarms are ideal for hallways and living areas, while ionisation smoke alarms are good for bedrooms. More Information

Do I need an emergency ladder in my home?

If a fire or other emergency situation occurs and your home is multi storey you need more than one option to get down to the lower floor and safely evacuate. If you live or work in a multistorey building, if a fire or other emergency situation occurs you need more than one option to get down to the lower floor and safely evacuate. Lifts are often out of action, and should not be used during a fire, and if the stairs are blocked due to the emergency, it pays to have a backup plan. More Information

What is an emergency evacuation ladder?

Emergency Evacuation Ladders are an essential safety item for multi storey homes and workplaces. It’s simple to use and set up, and when it’s needed it can be deployed quickly. In an emergency, lifts and stairs are often no longer accessible, and the ladder provides occupants with a safe way to escape. Emergency Evacuation Ladders are an important addition to your home or workplace emergency toolkit. More Information